What Tailors

Welcome to WhatTailors.com!

WhatTailors.com was set up to provide you with an easy access database of the very best Tailoring the world has to offer.

We originally started in the UK, however, we have plans to expand to the US and further afield in the near future.


The Important of a Good Tailor

It is incredibly important that you use a good tailor. Cutting costs and skipping corners won’t be rewarded in this area. Tailoring is one of those talents which you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you want a perfectly designed and created suit, or you need a suit to be altered, then you don’t want to find a cheap tailor in your area. You want to go to the very best. However, how do you decide who the best tailor in your local area is?


Only The Best

Our team has travelled the country to find the very best in terms of tailoring and alterations. This means interviewing potential tailors, as well as sampling the product which they create.

You can rest assured knowing that any establishment which has been added to this website, is there for a reason. They are the best of the best in your area. Therefore, you can be confident knowing that they will deliver a quality final product to you, for the best price possible.


Think You’re Good Enough for WhatTailor.com?

Are you a Tailor? Perhaps you own an alterations store? Do you think you’re talented enough to be listed on WhatTailor.com as one of our Master Tailors? Get in contact with us and we will happily discuss the possibility of listing your business, and you personally, on our website.

The benefits of being listed as one of our Master Tailors is simply great advertising for your skills and your business. All of our directory pages are listed on the first page of Google for their relevant terms. For example our “Tailors Edinburgh” page is listed on the first page of Google for that term.

If you would like to reap the benefits of this great advertising system, then please get in contact with us here. Or go to our “Contact Us” page, and let us know why you think you are qualified to be a WhatTailor.com Master Tailor.